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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Disaster to the Environment

On 22nd April, the worst nightmare happen at the Mexican Gulf, it started with a fire on the deck of a BP's oil rig spread uncontrolled and collapsed the whole structure into the seabed. This caused the well were un-tap and flow without stop for more than a month now, releasing more than 1 million crude oil daily to the sea. Until today the oil leak still unstop and the oil slick can be seen from the satellite.

This huge amount of oil does an enormous disaster to environment killing most of the sea life and destruction to the ecosystem. This tragedy raised anger among the environment lovers and this should make the world to think again of other alternatives source of energy.

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Friday, 21 May 2010

Kebesaran Allah: Satu Catatan Manusia Kerdil

Rakaman ceramah motivasi;
Tarikh: 20hb Mei 2010
Masa: 8.15pm 
Tempat: Al Khor Community
Penceramah: Prof Dr Muhd Kamil Ibrahim
          Penulis bestseller Travelog Haji & Travelog Dakwah  

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