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Monday, 26 July 2010

Upcoming Islamic Knowledge Week

For your information.

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 20:08:01 +0300
Subject: Upcoming Islamic Knowledge Week...

Assalaamu 3Alaykum wa Ramatullaah

Dear sisters

Fanar, [Qatar Islamic Cultural Center] has organized a series of lectures on different topics by brother Abdur Raheem MacCarthy.

Abdur Raheem MacCarthy, is a graduate of Islamic University of Madinah, from the faculty of Da'wah & Usool Ad-deen. He was a da3ee in different organizations in Saudia & Sudan, a frequent lecturer and an Islamic Studies teacher in both English & Arabic.
[Biography avialable at]

"Islamic Knowledge Week" (for English speakers)

The Methodology of Dawah
(3 day course)

Date  : 26th, 27th & 28th July  
Days  : Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Time  : Maghrib -3Ishaa'
Place  : Fanar Masjid

Do you really know Muhammad?

Date  : 29th July  
: Thursday
Time  : Maghrib -3Ishaa'
Place  : Fanar Hall

Fiqh of Salat

Date  : 30th July
Day   : Friday
Time  : Maghrib -3Ishaa'
Place : Fanar Masjid

Ramadhan, Month of 


Date  : 31st July  
Days  : Saturday
Time  : Maghrib -3Ishaa'
Place  : Fanar Masjid

[Flyer attached]

For more details please call 671 2263 or email at

Wassalaamu 3Alaykum

on the way to guidance.

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